Immigration SA updates the State Occupation List and Nomination Requirements


A new SA State Occupations list was released on the 1st of July. Compared to the previous list, 80 occupations were removed and 85 new occupations were added. Highlights of the newly released occupation list and refined nomination requirements are as follows:

1. Occupation list change

  • There are 175 occupations on the revised main South Australian State Nomination List from a range of industries including: ICT, health, construction and hospitality, as well as managerial occupations.
  • Many occupations in the ICT and financial fields remain on the main occupation list.
  • Access to additional occupations (Supplementary Skilled List with a further 475 occupations and special conditions occupations) is now available for applicants who meet one of the following four categories:
  1. international graduates of South Australia.
  2. currently working in South Australia (NEW country region concession see below for details)
  3. have an immediate family member permanently residing in South Australia for 12 months or more.
  4. High points - 80 points or higher (NEW see below for details)

Planning levels and quotas apply to nominations, once these have been reached, access to these occupations may be closed or further requirements may apply.
2. More flexibility in state English requirements.
Immigration SA has now included some flexibility in the English requirement for applicants with a high overall English score.
The occupation list now provides two English language options for each occupation, for example:

  • Competent Plus English in each score or Proficient overall
  • Proficient in each score or Proficient Plus overall

For example IELTS 7.5 overall, or equivalent on other accepted tests would fulfil an occupation requiring IELTS 7 in each band.  View the updated English test comparison table here.
Please note:
To align with DIBP requirements no band score below IELTS 6 (Competent English) will be accepted.
Passport holders and citizens of the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, United States of America, or the Republic of Ireland are exempt from providing an English test result to Immigration SA.
Some occupations have licensing or registration requirements (for example, health professionals, teachers and trades) and the applicant must ensure they can meet these requirements to be able to work in South Australia.
View detailed English language requirements against each occupation.

3. 475 more occupations for applicants with 80 points or higher on DIBP points test

From 1st July, applicants who have 80 points or higher (including state nomination points) on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s (DIBP) points test may gain access to the Supplementary Skilled List (SSL) and occupations on the main list.

Applicants who have achieved 80 points or higher will have a high English level, extensive work experience, high level qualifications and an optimal age profile.  View details here.
Key points:

  • Applicants can apply for either a 489 or 190 visa, provided they have achieved 80 points or higher and they meet all other SA skilled nomination requirements.
  • Possessing high level skills, qualification and work experience should prove valuable in the South Australian employment market. However, state nomination does not guarantee employment and applicants will still need to compete with others in the local labor market. Immigration SA strongly suggest that you applicants thoroughly research employment opportunities in their professional field before applying for state nomination. There may be limited employers in an occupation and allied career options could should be considered.
  • Should applicants require 10 points for state nomination in order to reach 80 points on the DIBP points test, they need to be aware of the conditions of the provisional 489 visa.


4. Changes to requirements: Currently working in South Australia
Applicants can access additional occupations if they are currently living and working in their nominated or closely related occupation (for a minimum 20 hours per week) for the last:

  • months in a country region of South Australia.
  • 12 months in Greater Adelaide.

To be considered to be living and working in a country region of South Australia, applicants must be employed and residing in an area outside of Greater Adelaide. View details here.

Reducing the work experience requirement to 6 months in a country regional area will provide a quicker pathway for applicants that are prepared to work in a country South Australia. This policy is to encourage more skilled migrants to contribute to the community and economy in South Australian country regions.
Please note:

  • The work being undertaken must be in a nominated or closely-related occupation, rather than just a skilled occupation.
  • Applicants will still need to meet Immigration SA’s work experience requirement listed under skilled nomination requirement 5.
  • The qualification applicants have completed must be included and recognized on their skills assessment.
  • Australian or overseas qualifications are acceptable.


5. More flexible requirements for South Australian PhD or Masters by research graduates


There are exemptions to State requirements for work experience and English for PhD and Masters by Research graduates from South Australian institutions.
Immigration SA recognises PhD qualifications and Masters by Research, (particularly those in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) as important for upskilling the State’s human capital base, encouraging innovation and increasing international competitiveness.
South Australian PhD or Masters by Research graduates currently residing in South Australia, can access the following flexible requirements:

  • Immigration SA State nomination English requirement exemption (minimum Competent English in each score is required)
  • Immigration SA work experience waiver
  • Access to Supplementary Skilled List
  • Access to occupations listed as special condition on the main State occupation List.

This new policy is designed to encourage high achieving international graduates to remain in South Australia.  Details on the exemptions are listed here.

6. Clarity for South Australian graduates accessing the Supplementary Skilled List and occupations with Special Conditions


Access to Supplementary Skilled List and occupations with Special Conditions for South Australian international graduates have been aligned so they are the same for both lists. Requirements are based on the qualification the international graduate has completed in South Australia. To access the broader list of occupations applicants must meet these requirements:

  1. South Australia Graduates with a Vocational Education and Training (VET) Certificate or Diploma must be currently living and working in South Australia in their nominated or closely related occupation (minimum 20 hours per week) for at least 6 months in a country region or 12 months if in Greater Adelaide.
  2. Bachelor Degree or higher South Australian Graduates must meet the general work experience requirement of at least one year of skilled work experience in the last three years.  Or, must be currently living and working in South Australia in a skilled occupation (minimum 20 hours per week).  If an occupation requires 2 – 3 years work experience in the field applicants must be working in the nominated or closely related occupation.
  3. PhD or Masters by Research in South Australia, can access a work experience waiver if they are currently residing in South Australia and have competent English in each band score.

More information is provided here.


7. Commitment to South Australia changes for onshore applicants


In order to reward genuine and evidenced commitment to South Australia, from 1st July 2015, local restrictions will apply.

  • Applicants currently in Australia but not residing in South Australia are ineligible to apply for South Australian state nomination.
  • What if international graduates of South Australia are residing interstate? Please note the location restriction will also apply to South Australian graduates. If applicants are South Australian graduates, and leave South Australia following their studies, to live and work in another Australian state or territory, they will not be eligible to apply for South Australian state nomination
  • Applicants residing offshore or in South Australia who completed their Australian qualification outside South Australia in the last 3 years, can only apply for the provisional 489 visa unless:
    • At least 6 months of skilled work experience was undertaken in South Australia (489 or 190 is available)
    • meet the requirements for Chain Migration (489 or 190 is available).
  • Applicants offshore relying on Australian skilled work experience to meet the work experience requirement,  are only eligible to apply if  at least 6 months  of this has been achieved in South Australia.
  • Applicants onshore and relying on Australian skilled work experience to meet the work experience requirement, are only eligible to apply if at least 6 months of this has been achieved in South Australia and are currently working in a skilled occupation in South Australia (minimum 20 hours per week).


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