SriLankan man, sick wife to be deported within weeks

A SriLankan man, his wife and their 16-month-old will have to give up their attempts and dreams for a permanent residency in Australia and will soon be deported by the Department, who has not revealed the reason for visa application refusal.

Eranda Ranasinghe Arachchige’s wife Lakmala Nissankage Harshani is being treated for a mental illness in a hospital, and the couple has already spent around $25,000 in their fight to secure an Australian permanent residency.

Arachchige, 39, came to Australia as a student and he has a qualification and experience in hospitality.

“My migration agent presented me a new contract of $11,000 to appeal. I didn’t have this much money,” he told the Herald Sun.

Father Brian Collins from St Anthony’s Parish, Noble Park, where the family attends mass, has organised a supporting letter from Archbishop of Melbourne Denis Hart to be sent to Immigration Minister Mr Peter Dutton.

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