Provisional visa before PR may become mandatory this year

The long proposed plan by the Turnbull government to introduce mandatory provisional visas before migrants are granted permanent visas may finally become a reality this year and prospective permanent immigrants are worried about it.

It is however uncertain at this time how long these provisional visas will last for and how much time migrants will have to wait before they are granted permanent residency.  Currently, overseas and onshore applicants can directly apply for a permanent residency, given that they meet the requirements and match the criteria to satisfy the Department.

A discussion paper on the issue was released by the Department of Immigration. One section of the paper says, “The number of persons in Australia applying for permanent residence has grown substantially over the last two decades. In 2015-16, around half of all permanent visas were granted to people already in Australia on a temporary visa.  This means that temporary residence is increasingly becoming the first step to living in Australia permanently.”

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