Occupational ceilings for 2014-15 announced

Occupational ceilings for 2014-15 were announced in July, resulting in some significant changes to the number of places allocated to engineers, accountants, teachers, IT professionals, constructions trades and chefs. However, it was also announced that occupational ceilings will no longer apply to state nominated 190 and 489 visas, allowing the States to nominate occupations for Skilled Nominated Subclass 190 and Skilled Regional Subclass 489 visas even if the ceiling has been reached.

The number of engineers to be accepted has been increased by 2,530 places and IT professionals by 1,132 places. Places for accountants, teachers, construction trades and chefs were reduced by 4,242; 1,170; 2,168; and 1,353 places, respectively.

Currently, the registered nurses group is the biggest group in the list with 15,042 places. This is more than double of any other occupational group in the SOL.

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