New Migration Regulations: motion moved to 4 December

The Australian Parliament on Monday moved the motion on Migration Legislation Amendment Regulations 2017 [F2017L01425] to 4 December 2017.

The New Migration Regulations took effect on 18 November that, migration experts in the industry are concerned, can have a very significant impact on refugees, especially those on temporary protection visas and bridging visas. The motion, if allowed, would let the Department of Immigration and Border Protection to detain, potentially indefinitely, people on:

  1. the basis of their criminal conduct that has not been proven or even tried,
  2. the basis of behaviour that is considered (by the Department) to have endangered or threatened another person, extending to bullying and online vilification,
  3. because of inconsistencies in their names on identity documents issued by any Commonwealth, state or territory government, authority or official, or failures to update any name changes in those documents.

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