Illegal visa over-stayers increase in number

Illegal visa over-stayers in Australia have increased in number because of the rise in temporary migration and streamlined electronic visas being extended to a greater number of countries, according to a report by the Whereto Research Based Consulting.

The report on “unlawful non-citizens” was recently released by the Australian Border Force.

According to the report, “The department’s data holdings on unlawful non-citizens suggest a cohort that is steadily increasing over time, growing from 60,900 at 30 June, 2012, to an estimated 64,600 at 30 June, 2016.”

A news report that appeared in The Australian last week suggested that tourists made up the largest number of over-stayers, followed by students, working holiday makers and temporary residents. Most are from Malaysia, China, the US and Britain.

ABF says it is more stringent in ensuring that these people are tracked and caught as soon as possible.


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