More than half of WA skilled migrants in low-skilled jobs: Research

A Curtin University research released on Tuesday reveals that more than half of WA's skilled migrant workforce is working lower-skilled jobs than before they migrated to Australia.

The Minimising Skills Wastage: Maximising the Health of Skilled Migrant Groups report highlights the long-term effects of this downward career move on the mental health and wellbeing of these migrants.

According to a survey of 508 WA-based skilled migrants, 53.1 percent said they had less-skilled jobs here than before they migrated. About 14 percent said they had experienced discrimination and racism.

According to the report, employers who were unwilling to hire migrants due to unrecognised qualifications and missing “Australian experience”, and differing skill requirements were major reasons serving as employment barriers.

The most interesting finding of this report is that 60 percent of those who participated in the survey said they find their occupation meaningful.

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