Family violence against women on temporary visas on the rise: report

More women on temporary partner visas across Australia may be experiencing family violence than what was perceived until now.

A new and first of its kind study of family violence against temporary female residents in Australia suggests that at least 9,112 women on temporary partner visas are experiencing family violence.

The report titled ‘Temporary migration and family violence: An analysis of victimisation, vulnerability and support’ is said to be the first major study in Australia to examine the link between migration status and family violence.

According to the report, there were 529 family violence provision applications made by women on such visas in 2015–16. Of these, 403 were successful.

The report, by Monash University Associate Professor Marie Segrave, was launched by Victorian Multicultural Commission Chair Helen Kapalos on Thursday, October 12, at the Monash Law Chambers.

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