A Mentoring Program is the need of the hour


Praveen Goyal
Founder and Executive Director
ME Alliance, ME Magazine, Me Connect

The importance of leading by example cannot be overstated, especially in the migration and education industry, which, for far too long, has been divided into small factions and cliques. It is about time that we join forces to make the community stronger and more supportive for everyone who is a part of it.

It isn’t easy being a new entrant into the migration law industry and the looming transition from a classroom to real life cases can be intimidating for many. At ME Alliance, we would like to be the ‘change agents’ in the immigration law profession. We want to encourage more professional mentoring and peer-to-peer assistance for a more practical operation of the law.

We have already launched an informal mentoring program in the industry and thank everyone who has shown interest so far. However, we believe that as an industry we could do much more, and it is just the beginning!

ME Alliance’s ‘Mentor ME’ program aims at bringing an industry expert face-to-face with a newcomer(s), so that the latter can learn as much from the experiences, knowledge and expertise of veteran industry members. We connect you, and you take it further from there as a commitment to the profession and as a corporate social responsibility.

We believe that mentoring is about building trust that leads to an eventual formation of a transformational liaison that promotes sharing of knowledge and insight. With various communication technologies at our disposal today, it is so easy to spare time to talk to someone and guide their efforts in the right direction.

I urge the members and our readers to be a part of the mentoring program and together we can create standards that will benefit the industry for years to come.

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