74% Aussies think Australia is “full”, support partial ban on Muslims

While 74 percent of Australian voters believe that Australia is “full” and doesn’t need any further population growth, another 48 percent supports a partial ban on Muslim migration. At least 25 percent opposed the ban and 27 percent said they were undecided.

These are the results of a recent research report by The Australian Population Research Institute (TAPRI).

The Institute surveyed 2,067 Australian voters to analyse their views on the country’s immigration policy. According to the report findings, 74 percent say that Australia does not need more people and 54 percent want a reduction in immigration. Over 65 percent say population growth puts ‘a lot’ of pressure on housing, hospitals, roads and jobs. Among supporters of the major parties, Liberal voters are the most concerned about the effects of population growth and immigration.

TAPRI results back the findings of a 2016 Essential poll that shows 49 percent support a ban on Muslim migration, including 40 percent of Labor voters and one in three Greens voters. But anyone who expresses any concern on the country’s migrant mix or the merits of giving permanent residency to those who may have trouble assimilating is condemned.

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