48,000 student visas cancelled

Over 48,000 student visas were cancelled in the last three years for reasons including breach of work conditions and character grounds.

However, according to the Australian Population Research Institute (APRI), most students are now switching to new visas than ever before. Calls this “mind-boggling”, the Institute claims that this influx is mainly because of the Australian job market and a route to a permanent residency.

APRI figures suggest that in 2016-17, across Australia about 200,000 foreign students got new visas, including 37,759 who transferred to the temporary graduate 485 visa allowing them to stay in Australia with full-time work rights for at least two years. At least 39,945 former student visa holders got tourist visas, 10,685 scored the temporary skilled 457 visa, 8199 got to stay as spouses or betrothed of locals, and 864 convinced authorities that they were asylum seekers.

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