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Australia is a migrant country and ME, Migration and Education, is a fascinating topic not only for those who have migrated or planning to migrate to this great country, but for those who are impacted by the surge of people from overseas who want to call Australia home.

ME magazine is a first-of-its kind monthly magazine covering important aspects of what readers would like to know about migration and education in Australia. With latest news and updates from the education and migration industry, the magazine aims at keeping our diverse readers up-to-date with various aspects of migration and education in Australia.

A humble beginning

We know that beginnings are always challenging. ME magazine is still at the beginning of its new journey. The fact that the magazine has been appreciated for its mature content, quality and selection of topics is only adding to our determination and commitment towards the cause. Thanks to an overwhelming response from Migration and education industry stakeholders and other readers.

The world is fast growing digitally, and we realise it. However, by choosing to introduce a traditional print magazine, we are trying to make a point that words on paper live longer. That, however, does not mean that we are ignoring the importance of digitalisation. The magazine’s online version is already available on ME Alliance website, and a website dedicated to the magazine is under-construction. A digital version will soon be available to subscribers. The magazine, however, has presence in social media at

Our objective is to ensure that the ME magazine brings relevant information that will give valuable insight for everyone involved in the Australian migration and education system. The variety of information written in a way that is accessible to readers is what sets the magazine apart from other sources of information. It breaks down legal lingo and policies to simplified information so everyone clearly understands what they mean and how matters could impact them.

Communication Platform

ME magazine has the vision to become the biggest communication platform for stakeholders of the migration and education industry and be able to support the vision and mission of ME Alliance. With an aim to provide a united ‘voice for the industry’, ME magazine invites migrants, migration agents, education agents, regulators and other interested parties to become a contributor to the magazine. We encourage you to send your articles/ news/ messages on any issue or hot topic about migration and education in Australia.

ME is clearly being seen and heard, and you can contact us if you too want to be seen and heard through ME. We welcome you to write to  for any queries that you may have. We welcome your suggestions and feedback, and look forward to receiving your contributions, in any form such as news, articles, messages or an advertisement to make you a valuable part of this journey.

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1st Edition
(Aug 2014)

2nd Edition
(Oct 2014)

3rd Edition
(Jan 2015)

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(July 2015)

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ME Magazine 6th Edition - December 2015
6th Edition
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Hard Copies of ME Magazine

Free hard copies of ME magazine will be sent only to ME Alliance members through Australia post. There is no subscription fees for ME Alliance members.

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Target Audiance

Our primary target audience consists of students and migrants across Australia and beyond, those planning to settle here for work or as permanent residents, those seeking to upgrade their professional/academic credentials or simply tourists.

However, ME Magazine also aims at serving as a medium of communication among migration and education industry regulators, agents, colleges and universities, government offices, skills assessment bodies, trainings companies, and other stakeholders. There are no second thoughts about the fact that we provide the largest platform of communication and advertising in the industry.



Advertise in ME magazine

By advertising with us, you will get a vast and strong platform to market your message and services across Australia and beyond. Besides a direct advert, you can also choose to place an advertorial-advertisement that can serve as a piece of advice for our common target audience.

  • A vast and strong platform to market your message and services across Australia and beyond
  • A direct medium to reach migration and education industry stakeholders
  • Various options to promote your business including, advertisements, advertorials & micro-directory
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The magazine’s free hard copies are sent via post across Australia to Colleges, Universities, Migration and Education Agents, Government Bodies, Professional Development/Training Centres, Language Centres, Community Centres and Backpacker accommodations.

ME magazine’s digital copies are sent to 1000s of readers in the target market in Australia and around the world and is also made available to readers on our website and social media, and through our weekly email blasts and weekly industry newsletters (ME Connect) to thousands of readers and industry stakeholders.t.



We are very positive about our outreach. Recent audience research shows that office copies alone are read by at least 20 readers in a week.Our magazine’s hard copies are distributed Australia-wide and digital copies are sent to readers in over 40 countries which gives the magazine a readership of over 200,000 target market with each edition.