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How It Works

ME magazine is a first-of-its kind monthly magazine covering important aspects of what readers would like to know about migration and education in Australia. With latest news and updates from the education and migration industry, the magazine aims at keeping our diverse readers up-to-date with various aspects of migration and education in Australia.

With the very first issue, ME reached over 200,000 readers, and with the increase in coverage, ME is estimated to be read by over 500,000 readers now.

Our objective is to ensure that the ME magazine brings relevant information that will give valuable insight for everyone involved in the Australian migration and education system. The variety of information written in a way that is accessible to readers is what sets the magazine apart from other sources of information. It breaks down legal lingo and policies to simplified information so everyone clearly understands what they mean and how matters could impact them.

ME is clearly being seen and heard, and you can contact us if you too want to be seen and heard through ME.


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