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  • Testimonial #9
    Hila Ajdari - Migration Agent,

    I enjoy reading the ME Alliance newsletters and find them informative. I find ME Alliance very neutral in their role in making a great effort and contributing value to the industry by bringing members close... Hila Ajdari - Migration Agent

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  • Amit Baijal - Migration Agent,

    ME Alliance is a great platform for the industry to come together and having a print magazine is definitely a plus... Amit Baijal - Migration Agent

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  • Testimonial #7
    Bhawana Thakur,

    ME Alliance is an effective body of professionals serving other professionals in migration industry. I have always found their web resource to be a very useful source of information and a great avenue to stay updated on migration news.... Bhawana Thakur

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  • Testimonial #6
    Kourosh Momeni - Migration Agent,

    Being an ally with a team that actually made an effort to publish the first industry magazine is an honour for me... Kourosh Momeni - Migration Agent

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  • Testimonial #5
    Michelle Howells - Migration Agent,

    I enjoy reading extensively the views and opinions offered in the ME Alliance Newsletters, Blogs & Articles  ... Michelle Howells - Migration Agent

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  • Testimonial #4
    Karen Kotze - Migration Agent,

    ME alliance is on top, proactive and very informative.  ... Karen Kotze - Migration Agent

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  • Testimonial #3
    Julie Tariel - Migration Agent,

    I joined ME Alliance for the valuable information I found in the newsletter. I think it is valuable to create more interaction within the RMA community...  ... Julie Tariel - Migration Agent

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  • Testimonial #2
    Yashpal Erda - Migration Agent,

    Education and migration are interrelated and interdependent. A person who seeks education assistance eventually seeks immigration advice for sure... Yashpal Erda - Migration Agent

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  • Testimonial #1
    Mr Siddique Panwala - Migration Agent,

    ME Alliance's collaboration with other stakeholders such as Regulatory Agencies, Education Services Provider and Migration Agents is a step in the right direction... Mr Siddique Panwala - Migration Agent

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